Telecine Specifications Sheet (NTSC)

(company or production name)

(version and/or date of spec sheet)

Film frame rate: 24 FPS

Film Format: 35mm (note flat, scope, etc.)

Image format: (i.e., full aperture 4x3, or 1.85:1 letter box, or 16x9 letterbox, or 16x9 anamorphic, etc.)

Tape format: Transfer each lab roll to one Beta SP tape.

VT Timecode: Non Drop Frame - The timecode on the address track, VITC track and the window burn-in must match. Begin the time code for each tape at different hours beginning with VT0001 at hour one(1) and hour two(2) for VT0002, and so on. If there are more than 23 tapes, tape VT0024 shall begin with hour one(1) timecode, VT0025 with hour two(2) and so on.

KeyKode: KeyKode should appear in a window burn-in and match the KeyKode on the OCN and the shot log.

Burn-in Windows: Picture Time Code and KeyKode windows must be in title safe area (lower) of screen. Audio Time Code window must be in title safe area (upper left) of screen.

Shot Log: Avid compatible log file for each tape (ALE, KSL, FLX, etc.) on a 3.5" floppy disc.

Pull Down: Each logged clip shall begin on an "A" frame. If there is a break in the film/labroll, the following clip shall begin "in the slate" with enough lead time for the Evertz to indicate the correct KN. The 2-3 pull down should commence with an "A" frame at the heads punch of each labroll corresponding to an even hour of time code.(i.e., 01:00:00:00 KN24 4675 1234&00 A ). Hence, each "A" frame shall correspond with either a "0" or a "5" frame count on the time code.

Negative (OCN): Hold negative Tails Out. 

Delivery Instructions:  Hold each days work at the Will Call window for pickup by 0900 each day.
(if security is a concern, specify identification procedure for persons authorized to receive dailies)

Post Production Supervision: (names and ALL contact info... i.e., pagers, FAX numbers, etc.)

Production Company:     (phone numbers, address, etc.) 

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